Attitude of Gratitude


Lately I have had an immense sense of gratitude flowing through me and so I decided to share it. It started the other night when I was feeling thankful for my husband and the opportunity to take a break in a bubble bath and read some poetry while he cared for our little one. Then of course I thought of how wonder filled the bubbles were and ended up having the little one join me at the end for some splashing bubbley laughter filled fun anyways. Which made me feel so grateful for being a Mom (it was a long journey getting there). Now each day I am trying my best to be concious of the many things I can be greatful for and let go of the daily stresses. So many times we forget to look at what we have rather than what we don’t. We look at life as a glass half full but really we should see that as a blessing and an opportunity to fill the other half of the glass. I want to model this for my child and so at night I have been lifting up grateful thoughts out loud to him after bedtime stories. And what a wonderful feeling to end the day with gratitude!


This bounty of gratitude continues with you, as well. Every little bit of your support fills my heart with such love and appreciation.  It also ensures that I can take a break from the teaching world and stay home with my new little guy as he learns and grows. This week as he was under the weather I was even more grateful for Doterra and the opportunity to work from home while supporting my family’s wellness. I was able to be with him while also using oils I love and trust to support him. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And since we are focused on the things we are grateful for I will share the recipe that is supporting my little one in his tummy troubles. I use my Doterra oils and a recipe from an online resource that has a vast array of recipes and products to support your daily oil life – . It is worth a google, for sure😉.


So while this evening unwinds and I think of all the little and big things I am filled with gratitude for, I challenge you! Share something that make you feel grateful today!


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